Week 1/29 – 2/2


  • Alg2: Finish notes on graphing rational equations. HW do review  problems 1 – 10
  • AdvAlg: Review significant digits then quiz
  • Phy: Start circular motion: video and demonstrations


  • Alg2: Go over HW. Go over HW questions and practice test
  • AdvAlg: Finish going over Mondays quiz and assign review guide
  • Phy: Start circular motion notes and go over hw problems from a week ago
  • DigiPhoto: Continue on with pages


  • Alg2: Go over practice test
  • AdvAlg: Go over review guide
  • Phy: Continue with circular motion notes
  • DigiPhoto: Continue on with pages


  • Alg2: Test on rational equations
  • AdvAlg: Test on relationships between quantities
  • Phy: Work on forces in centripetal motion. HW to be determined
  • DigiPhoto: Continue on with pages


  • Alg2: Finish test if needed or/and start radicals
  • AdvAlg: Finish Test if needed or start Functions
  • Phy: example problems of circular motion
  • DigiPhoto: Continue on with pages

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