Algebra 2: We reviewed polynomial division. Students were assigned 156 – 165 to prepare for a quiz on Tuesday.

Physics: We went over problems 51 and 53 on projectile motion. Students were assigned a review handout to prepare for a test on Wednesday.

Advanced Algebra: Students took the linear equations and graphing test.


Algebra2: HW 156 – 165
Advanced Algebra: Question on Review Guide and start test. Finish test Monday
Physics: Solve Pg. 71: 51, 53 after going over quiz
DigiPhoto: Selling Ads out in the community


Algebra 2: Introduced polynomial division. No homework
Physics: Quizzed on projectile motion. No homework
Advanced Algebra: Homework on last half of review guide on linear equations. Test tomorrow(11/11) or Monday(11/14).
DigiPhoto: Worked on pages. Selling Ads Friday (11/11)