Week 1/3 – 1/5

Happy New Year


Algebra 2:

  • Wednesday:  Start rational expressions unit. Cover direct, inverse, and joint variations HW 8 – 14
  • Thursday: Simplifying rational expressions HW: 37 – 57 odd
  • Friday: Go over homework…if students are ready, quiz. If not, HW 38 – 58 even


  • Wednesday – Friday: 3D printing project

Advanced Alg:

  • Wednesday: Solving absolute value equations. HW: 17 – 31 odd
  • Thursday: Solving absolute value inequalities. HW: 47 – 57 odd
  • Friday: Review all material…students will have had problems with writing absolute value equations/inequalities, so we will review on Friday to prepare for a quiz. This is a really short unit and will only have a quiz as a final assessment.


  • re-assigned jobs and start final edits on fall sports and clubs all week

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