Week 11/27 – 12/1

Algebra 2:

  • M: Discuss zeros and roots of polynomial functions. HW 214 – 221
  • T: Go over HW. Discuss Zeros and Roots of Poly Function by factoring. HW 229 – 235
  • W: Go over HW…This will take a while. Discuss Writing polynomials from given zeros. HW: 242 -247
  • Th: Go over home work and prep for quiz
  • F: Quiz and HW is chapter review


  • M: Introduce Inequalities(No homework)
  • T: Discuss Simple Inequalities with add/sub and mult/div.(update – mult/div will be moved to wed)
  • W. Go over homework. Quiz on previous material
  • Th. Discuss 2 step inequalities and compound inequalities. HW form each section.
  • F: Go over HW and quiz if we have time.


  • M: Introduce friction and examples
  • T: More friction examples and HW pg 104 – 35, 36, 39
  • W: Go over HW and class work: 40, 43, 49, 50
  • Th: Go over HW and examples
  • F: Quiz over friction problems


  • M-F — Cover is due in first form and pages will be printed during the week and edited.


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