Week 11/6 – 11/10


  • Mon: Quick quiz on factoring. Graded in class and reviewed(update: quiz sent home as homework to be finished.)
  • Tues: Review polynomial division: HW 156-165
  • Wed: Go over HW (short hrs)
  • Thurs: Quiz on polynomial division
  • Fri: Presentation over characteristics of polynomial functions(NO HW)(and Veteran’s Day)


  • Mon: Intro Chapter 4 – Force and Motion
  • Tues: Newton’s 3 Laws and Free Body Diagrams – HW pg 101-102: 1 – 7 if time in class.
  • Wed: Finish HW and go over
  • Thur: Finish Wed material and assign 8, 10 – 13, 15
  • Fri: Go over HW questions


  • Mon: Review Elimination method: HW (update: students did well on elimination, we practiced a tough problem and assigned choose your method hw)
  • Tues: How to choose method: HW (update: will go over hw and will take the practice quiz)
  • Wed: Practice quiz graded in class
  • Thurs: Word Problems
  • Fri: Word Problems


  • In lab all week decide on final page design and teach GIMP

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