Week 10/30 – 11/3


  • Monday: Review polynomials and quiz if time
  • Tuesday: Take quiz if needed and review binomial theorem
  • Wednesday: Review factoring and quiz on binomial theorem and factoring
  • Thursday: Quiz if needed Division of polynomials and HW
  • Friday: Catch up if needed or characteristics of polynomials


  • Monday: Review solving linear equations by graphing
  • Tuesday: Solving systems by substitution: HW
  • Wednesday: Solving systems by elimination: HW
  • Thursday: Quiz on 3 methods of solving systems
  • Friday: Catch up if needed or choose your strategy (graph, elimination, substitution)


  • Monday: Review projectile motion: HW pg 71: 51 and 53
  • Tuesday: Go over hw and review guide
  • Wednesday: Go over review guide and start test
  • Thursday: Finish Test if necessary
  • Friday: Catch up or start Ch 4: Newton’s laws: no HW


  • In lab all week working on template


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