Week of 10/2 – 10/6

Algebra 2:

  • Monday: Finish complex numbers, HW 145 – 154 (6th hr did not get the homework because we are a little behind. They may have to double up on Tuesday.)
  • Tuesday: Go over complex numbers HW and notes on discriminant, HW 177-184
  • Wednesday: Review HW: practice quiz as HW (complete in class) and review
  • Thursday: Quiz: Discriminant and quadratic formula
  • Friday: Vertex form of a parabola, HW 203 – 219 odd


  • Monday: Finish SAT for data and grade
  • Tuesday: Grade non-calc part of ACT and start vectors (ch 3) HW: pg 68: 1,3,5,9-11 (this may be shorter because of time)
  • Wednesday: Go over HW…Assign 13(a,b),14, and 18 (and anything we did not get to on Tuesday)
  • Thursday: Go over HW and practice problems for quiz on Friday
  • Friday: Quiz on Vectors

Advance Algebra:

  • Monday: Review and putting equations in slope-intercept form: HW 38,39
  • Tuesday: Go over HW, practice quiz on graphing by finding points
  • Wednesday: Quiz on Graphing by finding points: HW Graphing practice quiz from point-slope form
  • Thursday: Quiz on Graphing from point slope form
  • Friday: Quiz on Graphing from point slope form and proportional relationships lesson if time allows


  • Monday – Friday work on theme

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