Week 9/11 – 9/15

Algebra 2:

  • Monday – Go over factoring HW, assign Re-Quiz 4 from Review of Fundamentals
  • Tuesday – Grade practice quiz, answer questions and take Quiz 4
  • Wednesday – Notes on Solving by factoring (back to the quadratic homework – unit 2). HW pg 5 74 – 82. IF TIME ALLOWS, then square root method. HW 95 – 103 odd.
  • Thursday – Go over homework. Notes on Solving by completing the Square. HW 121 – 133 odd
  • Friday – Go over homework. HW: practice quiz on solving quadratic equations algebraically


  • Monday – Finish quiz from Friday. HW pg 42: 26, 29, 30
  • Tuesday  – Go over homework and questions. Begin notes on free fall.
  • Wednesday – Finish notes and examples on free fall. HW pg 43: 34 – 37 (spot check)
  • Thursday – Go over homework.   HW pg 43: 38 – 41, 45
  • Friday – Go over homework and short quiz on vertical kinematics

Advance Algebra:

  • Monday – Go over HW: 52 – 59. Assign Review guide
  • Tuesday – Go over finished review guide (as far as students get) and assign rest of review guide.
  • Wednesday – Go over review guide. Assign practice test.
  • Thursday – Go over practice test.
  • Friday  – Test on equations


  • Talk about theme and make a list of ideas. Each student picks the theme they like and create a two page spread by Friday to “sell” their idea.

Tuesday 9/12

Algebra 2: Graded homework from Monday. Reviewed any question. Took Quiz 4 on factoring.

Physics: Went over Monday’s homework. Reviewed questions on the homework. Discussed vertical motion and analysis. NO HOMEWORK

Advanced Algebra: Went over 1 – 8 on review guide. Assigned remainder of review for homework in class and went over all of review guide.

DigiPhoto: Worked on theme pages that are due by Friday.

Monday 9/11

Algebra 2: Reviewed factoring binomials (difference of squares, difference of cubes, sum of cubes). ASSIGNED ReQuiz 4 for homework. Graded out of 7 with #5 and #7 extra credit.

Physics: Students finished quiz on horizontal kinematic motion (started on Friday.) After finishing, assigned homework 26, 29, 30 on page 42.

Advanced Algebra: Went over homework on problem solving. (52 – 59). Assigned review at end of packet (1-8)

DigiPhoto: Discussed theme ideas. Students MUST complete a 2 page spread by Friday using the theme they liked most.

2/16 Thursday

Algebra 2: We will finish the lesson on simplifying imaginary numbers and do the homework on the material. (see calendar)

AdvAlg: We will go over different representations of functions. HW: see calendar

DigiPhoto: We will go back to earlier pages and get them aligned for uniformity.

Physics: I purchased a few more kits and another soldering iron. All students will be soldering circuits to complete projects. Hopefully, videos to come.

2/15 Wednesday

Algebra 2: Reviewed solving radical equations. Started Complex numbers. No Homework.

AdvAlg: Quiz over evaluating functions and explicit and recursive formulas. No Homework.

Physics: Picked kit projects (electronics) to make different circuits.

DigiPhoto: Worked on pages—still trying to finish some of the Fall pages…students need to be very detailed.

2/14 Tuesday

Algebra 2: Quiz on simplifying radicals

AdvAlg: Review functional notation i.e. f(x) and explicit and recursive formulas for arithmetic and geometric series.

Physics: finish LCD circuits

DigiPhoto: Keep up with page fixes